Maruti Meditech (Plant)

  • Equipped with latest automatic Korean machines.
  • Well equipped and furnished lab with latest testing equipment.
  • Experienced, qualified and professionally trained personnel.
  • Plant ensures smooth movement of process and provides flexibility “on quality checking”.
  • Clean room Area includes world class facilities with full production equipment such as injection molding machines, printing machines, syringes assembling line, packing machines, sterilizing facilities and high precision testing equipment.


  • A new generation disposable Syringes which have been specifically designed for painless injection/easy penetration and perfect needle fit. The exclusive feature of LIFE INJECT syringes is the gasket ,made of special grade Elastomer and not from rubber.
  • The Syringes are non-leaching and compatible with almost all medicines/drugs and do not smell. The imported Cannula of the needle ensures full protection for the cannula of the needle assembly and cannot be contracted to clear the cannula for the use without any interference with the syringes barrel.

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